Mazda CX-5 White

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Mazda CX-5 White 2 at Essence Motors
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If you love the color white on a car, then you will love it on Mazda CX 5. The white color blends perfectly with the design and a dark cloth interior. It offers glittering white reflections and a smooth surface.

Of course, you can’t judge a car by its color. You should buy Mazda CX 5 if you are looking for an SUV with premium safety features, a classy interior, athletic handling, and great engine performance.

Diesel engine Mazda CX 5 variants are available up to the 2020 model. The diesel variant was however discontinued for subsequent models.

Get the best CX 5 price in Kenya at Essence Motors. This car will serve your needs with utmost convenience. The fuel economy is relatively affordable compared to other models of the same class.