Essence Motors Car Dealers in Kenya

Don’t be one of the many who mess up when buying their first car. Get yourself a trusted car dealer that will help you through all the processes with utmost authenticity.

When looking for cars for sale in Kenya, most people are only interested in the price and mileage. Do not be like most people. It goes deeper than that. The questions you should be asking are; How do I find the ideal car that suits my needs? Do I want to buy a new car or a second-hand car? How do I find the best car dealer near me? 

Once you have your ideal car in your mind, the next step is finding the best car dealers. That is where we come in.

Essence Motors is one of the most reputable car dealers in Nairobi located along Kiambu road, Astrol Ridgeways. We are your one-stop shop for all car types. We have new and used vehicles for sale.

What We Do

We are the best and most reliable car dealers in Nairobi who does the following:

  • Selling most types and models of cars
  • Direct importation of high-quality vehicles
  • Direct importation on behalf of our clients
  • Buying and selling of locally used cars
  • Insurance
  • General motor vehicle consultancy

Extra Services

Besides being the best car sellers in Kenya, we also offer the following services:

  • Installation of car alarms
  • Installation of tracking devices
  • Installation of dashboard cameras and accessories

Free Aftersale Services

When you buy a vehicle from us, whether through direct importation or buying a locally used car, we offer the following services for free:

  • Identity
  • Riveting
  • Fuel your new ride, full tank

Why Choose Us

Essence Motors is the perfect link between cars for sale in Kenya by the owner and the buyer. This applies to locally used vehicles. We eliminate all risks of being duped or buying poor-quality vehicles. All our vehicles, whether new or used, undergo a thorough inspection before being presented for sale. We ensure that the client gets the best quality.

We also have the best car prices in Kenya. 

This is how we guarantee quality in service and product:

  1. The customer always comes first - we first listen to your options, then give recommendations in line with your budget and finally help you pick the best ride.
  2. Mechanical test - we allow you to bring your mechanic to inspect the vehicle, then offer a free road test. 
  3. Buy only when you are satisfied.

Payment Options

You must agree that the best payment option is by cash (of course, this includes bank transfers and other modes of payment), and it’s a done deal. However, we understand that not everyone can pay upfront, or you already have several financial commitments that won’t allow you to pay in cash. We offer the Asset Financing option to our clients through several banks, with which we have an M.O.U.

Talk to us today. We will help you find your dream car.

Our Location

A one stop motor Dealer located along Kiambu road at Astrol Ridgeways,First floor, Room A1.

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